provides access to complete and up-to-date property data and tax maps for every county in New Jersey, and tax maps for every county in Rhode Island. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our company and services:

What counties do you have online? has property information and tax maps for every county in New Jersey online, and tax maps for every county in Rhode Island online.

Is the information up to date?
We update property information monthly and we update tax maps continually.

What does the information include? provides complete information for each property in New Jersey, including:
· District
· Block
· Lot
· Deed Book and Page
· Transfer Date and Price
· Classification
· Current Owner
· Previous Owner
· Assessment Value
· Improvement Value and Percentage
· Zoning
· Building Description
· Acreage
· Land Description
· Tax Rate
· Tax Ratio
· Current Taxes
· Previous Year Taxes
· Year Built
· Square Footage
· Usability Code

Are the property data and tax maps linked?
For New Jersey, yes. When viewing the record for a specific property, clicking on “Show Map” links directly to the location of the property on the map. Rhode Island tax maps are linked to street names.

Does eTaxmaps have a search feature?
Yes. For New Jersey, subscribers can search by:
· Block
· Lot
· Street Address
· Owner’s Name
· Zip Code
· Date of Sale
· Sale Price
· Acreage
· Classification
· Usability Code

For Rhode Island, users can search by street name.

Can I export records?
Yes. Subscribers can select a search criteria, then export selected records to an ASCII file. Records can then be printed for mailing labels, envelopes, reports, etc. This feature is limited to New Jersey properties.

Can I download maps?
Subscribers can download up to 5% of the maps for any jurisdiction to their local drives as .TIFF files. Subscribers can also print entire maps or portions of maps directly from their browser. There are no restrictions on the number of maps printed or viewed.

Do I need any additional software? is an Internet service. No software or CD-ROM is required. All you need is Internet access and a web browser (e.g. the one you’re using to access the site right now).

How much does it cost?
For a complete price list, please visit our Pricing page. All subscription plans include an unlimited number of users.

Is technical support available?
Yes. Free technical support is available by e-mail at by phone at 866.502.1944.